When you buy or sell your home, it's about more than price. It's about your lifestyle, your financial security and peace of mind. It's important to find a real estate company that gives you everything you need - everything you want.

The domator team Difference - The domator team wants to be your real estate company. We go out of our way to make sure you get everything you need and want to make the right real estate decisions.

Experience and Expertise - You need people who understand real estate, across the entire market, and on your street, and know how to maximize your benefit.

Personal Service - We answer your calls and any questions you have, but it's more than that. It's about understanding who you are, where you want to be and how we can help you get there.

Exposure - The most buyers you have knocking on your door, or the more homes you have to choose from, the more likely you will be to find what you are looking for.

The domator team extensive real estate sales, legal and business experience with professional design and construction knowledge to give you unmatched resources for making better, more informed real estate decisions.

Buyer and seller

Maciek (Matthew) Czaplinski

Sales Representative

The founder of domatorTEAM, Matthew Czaplinski had a thriving practice as an architect and designer of custome homes. After noticing his customers using real estate agents to find the right property for the homes he designed, Matthew realized he could serve his customers better if he offered the same real estate services. Along the way, Matthew also became a licensed home inspector. With his background in architecture, design and home inspections, helping people buy and sell homes came naturally to Matthew and he soon formed domatorTEAM with his wife Agnes (Agnieszka), also an architect, and daughter Kate (Kasia), an interior designer. Since then, domatorTEAM have helped their customers buy and sell thousands of homes. They are active in their community, sponsoring a number of community events and supporting many charities. The domatorTEAM has also branched out to publish its own real estate magazine and hosting a radio program.

Agnieszka (Agnes) Czaplinski

Sales Representative

Being a people person - Real Estate is a perfect place to share my passion for "Home" with you. Finished Architecture with honors. Being raised in a family of architects and builders, kept me close to design and understanding space since my childhood. I have designed residential and public spaces in Europe, Canada and Asia. That long time experience gave me a broad exposure to different and unique clients expectations. Working in a real estate field since 1997 gave me an exposure to different trends and markets. Being a Toronto Real Estate Board Member puts big emphasis on continuous education. Looking for a home is a big adventure. Everybody is unique and hold the image of the perfect one in the heart. I love the challenge of helping you in finding one.

Dorota Szapowalow

Sales Representative

Margaret Wieladek

Sales Representative

I was born in Warsaw, Poland some time ago, where I obtained a Masters degree in Social Work from The University of Warsaw. I arrived to Canada in 1990. I have been in the Real Estate business for 14 years. I understand that purchasing a home or investment property is one of the most significant events in peoples' lives. I assure you, that I can be of great assistance with this complex and important transaction. Raised in an Eastern-European culture, I am not used to talking about myself. However, I value the opinion of others. The following are testimonials of some of my clients: "Margaret's knowledge of the current real estate market was particularly insightful. Her constructive comments on exterior and interior details will allow us to create and capture maximum value. She was with us when we bought and she will be by our side when we sell." Lydia & David O. "I would gladly recommend Margaret's services to anyone. We sold our house within a week of the initial listing. She did a great job of getting this sale consummated." D&Z. Rynkiewicz "Margaret had the knowledge and expertise to help us find a new home that fit our needs. In contrast to previous agents we have worked with, she was patient and we did not feel pressured into making a hasty decision." Anna & Zach "Margaret worked with passion and commitment. Instead of pushing me, she made sure that I thoroughly thought over every inclined decision." Cristina Camacho

Kate Czaplinska


I graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelor of Interior Design in 2004. Having grown up in a home of Architects, I knew I would be involved with helping people find their dream home in some capacity. That same year, I also started working as a sales representative. Because I enjoy the creative process of putting a design on paper and seeing it come to reality, I continue to design homes and work on renovation projects. My experience in the field has proven to be a great advantage to clients who are looking to expand or renovate as well as stage their homes for sale. In 2010 I also decided to pursue a Brokers designation and I am currently the Broker for Realty Executives Domator Inc. Real Estate is largely a people business and a Great pleasure personally when I am able to help a client find the home that is right for them.

Anna Koba


"Hard work & dedication have their rewards" Anna believes her success comes from building trust, and providing outstanding service. Anna's career in real estate began in 1997. Prior to working in real estate she gained experience in custom home building/renovation industry, custom home design and much more ... Anna is an award winning sales representative and a member of the Ontario real estate association (OREA), Canadian real estate association (CREA), Mississauga district real estate board (MREB) &Toronto real estate board (TREB).

Iwona Nowysz


"IM THE ONE WHO'S READY TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR PROPERTY!!!" Welcome to my Real Estate Service. WIth my qualifications and experience in real estate, architectural design, combined with my engineering background, I feel I am the ideal real estate agent to assist you in buying, selling and leasing a property-a beautiful impression that reflects you in every way! I have an architectural background with a Masters Degree in Architectural Engineering from the Technical University in Poland. I received a Municipal Government Award for my thesis project, "Structure of the Recreation Space In Town". Whether you are a first time buyer, seller or an avid investor, my knowledge and experience can get you the price you deserve. My Master Degree in Architectural Engineering has further benefited my clients to help them make the best informed decision. I am committed to serving my clients and ensuring that they are fully educated of all their options. My primary goal is customer satisfaction, which I have earned in commitment, loyalty and trust. My personal nature and social skills uniquely separates me from other agents.

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